2019 Budget2020 Budget  2021 Budget 2022 Budget
General Government57,055.0047,55555,05557,355
Public Safety18,767.2216,80019,28818,750
Highway Expense180,308.34226,146273,750264,845
Ball Park1,650.0016501,6501,650
Cemetery Expenses1,200.001,2001,2001,200
New Equipment/ Town Hall  000
Total Expenses264,655.56300,501357,593350,000
Current Debt Principal0000


General Property Taxes108,916109,910109,910109,910
Other Taxes (MFL retained) 29,50033,81134,896
State Shared Revenue41,19241,23241,39241,397
State Highway Aid101,270111,401111,401113,648
Garbage Bag Fees2,0002,0003,0003,800
Other Internal Govt9,74447643,1043,404
Other Revenues103310341,0331,033
Grants (FEMA, LRIP, ARPA, etc.)  40,95028,732
Total Revenues264,656  300,501 347,952340,164
Current Funds carried over (approximate)020,00060,00078,732

2022 Town Levy                    $ 109,910

2022 Budget Notes

  1. There is no proposed levy increase.
  • Managed Forest Land taxes are collected with the General Property Taxes. They are not part of the levy. The amount per acre is fixed under contract. 20% is retained by the County and the balance is retained by the Town.
  • Current funds carried over is based on anticipated December expenses. Unanticipated expenses may arise.
  • “Other” income includes 2% fire dues, DNR/MFL aid payments, fire calls, gravel sales and interest income, plus state fuel tax refund, MFL taxes, and driveway permits, along with some other small miscellany.
  • Additional revenues from MFL land withdrawal are always possible, but unpredictable. These revenues, if any, will likely go towards sealcoat, other road improvements/repairs, new town equipment, and town hall.
  • Tax bills will include a $54,702.66 charge by Southwest Technical College, a $442,631.00 charge by the Richland School District, and a $382,495.27 charge by Richland County, as approved by their governing bodies.


Jerome Durst, Chair

Dan Buroker, Supervisor

Calvin Sebranek, Supervisor

Kimberly Spencer, Treasurer

Don Hubbs, Clerk