Real Estate Taxes

Property taxes provide partial funding for Richland County, Richland School District, Southwest Technical College and the Town of Marshall. Real property taxes fund approximately one-third of the Town of Marshall annual budget. In 2020 the Town collected about $680,000 in total property taxes and retained about $110,000 for our Town budget. The balance was transferred to Richland County, Richland School District and Southwest Technical Community College. See Budget Details for more exact information.

The total assessed value of real estate in Town of Marshall in 2021 is $42,460,800. This includes land and improvements.

Property tax bills are mailed in December. They may be paid in full or in two payments. The first payment is due by January 31 of the following year. If not paid in full, the second payment is due by July 31. The first payment is made to the Town Treasurer. The second payment is made to the County Treasurer. Property taxes are collected one year after they are assessed. In other words, taxes assessed for 2021 are collected in 2022.

Personal Property Taxes

Personal Property Taxes are assessed on certain non-agricultural tools and machinery used to generate income, improvements on leased lands, and mobile homes. For details, contact the Assessor. The total assessed value of taxable personal property in 2021 is $327,900. Personal property is taxed at the same rate as real property.

Managed Forest Land Taxes

Town of Marshall contains over 6,780 acres of Managed Forest Land, the most in Richland County. This is about 29% of our total land area. The Managed Forest Land program allows landowners to enroll qualified acres in 25 or 50 year contracts in exchange for a flat rate annual tax payment. These taxes are collected along with the other property tax payments. 80% is retained by the Town and 20% is transferred to Richland County. In 2022 the Town will retain $34,896 in MFL taxes. To enroll land in the program contact the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.

Contact the Tax Assessor

Town of Marshall is assessed by:

Gardiner Appraisal Service, LLC
1186 East Lake Road
Mineral Point, WI 53565

Assessor Bruce Gardiner is available at 608-778-2566
or by email at

How to Appeal Your Tax Assessment

There is a two-step appeals process if you feel your tax assessment is too high compared to other comparable properties . Each year the Town holds an “Open Book”. This time allows property owners to meet privately with the Assessor to discuss any concerns. This meeting generally results in a resolution of the dispute on an informal basis.

If the “Open Book” meeting doesn’t resolve the valuation issue, a formal “Board of Review” is held. During Board of Review the three Town Supervisors plus the Clerk conduct a formal review of the disputed values. The Assessor presents comparable property values and defends the assessment. The property owner is also expected to present evidence and may have legal representation. The Board of Review hears the case and makes a determination based on the testimony presented. For details see Wisconsin Statutes Chapter 70.47. Any appeals to the Board of Review require a 48 hour written notice to the Assessor to allow time to prepare.

Open Book and Board of Review are scheduled after the Assessor finishes the tax roll.